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What’s going on with Denzel Valentine, should Bulls fans be concerned?



Denzel Valentine's lingering injury could be a concern for the Bulls - Locked On Bulls

Locked On Bulls is back with a fresh episode, the guys kick off the show discussing the Bulls loss in New Orleans last night. Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday with near triple-doubles, the guys thought Wendell Carter Jr. held his own against one of the best big men in the league. What to make of Fred Hoiberg’s first emotional response of the season? The guys talk about how the book is slowly closing on Cameron Payne, why Hoiberg isn’t just starting Arcidiacono at this point, and a few other notes from the game.

The guys spend the second segment discussing Denzel Valentine’s injury more extensively. Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson reported on Saturday that Valentine is farther away from a return than when he initially suffered the ankle injury in late September. The guys read some details on Valentine’s injury, how it might linger into the future, and what the Bulls should do with him going forward. The guys also discuss the toll it’s taking on Valentine and how he will respond once he’s healthy and able to play.

Locked On Bulls wraps up the show with an interesting hypothetical. Locked On Fantasy Basketball host Josh Lloyd posed a question to his followers: Which young trio would you rather have, Chicago’s Lauri Markkanen, Zach LaVine, and Wendell Carter Jr. or Los Angeles’ Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Kyle Kuzma. The guys weigh the options, discuss how the Bulls young core is starting to gain some more respect nationally, and if they would do a one-for-one swap for any of those three. All of this and so much more on Locked On Bulls.

Jordan Maly is the host of Locked On Bulls, he's a native of Naperville, IL and graduated from Indiana University - Bloomington. Jordan has spent time covering the Indiana Pacers, Indiana Hoosiers basketball and football, and the Big Ten Conference as a credentialed writer. Jordan has been published in Bleacher Report, Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports, SB Nation, FanSided, and Yahoo Sports.

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Game Recap

Bulls fall to Mavericks, LaVine: “We have to have more energy”



Do the Chicago Bulls have an energy and effort issue? - Locked On Bulls

Locked On Bulls is back with a fresh episode, the guys kick off the show breaking down the Chicago Bulls loss to the Dallas Mavericks last night, 103-98. The guys discuss the Bulls hanging around with the Mavericks despite a poor night shooting from their two best scorers. The guys talk about LaVine and Parker’s inefficient shooting night and how to solve the secondary scoring issues.

The guys talk about LaVine’s performance as the dominant ball handler this season, some flaws that need to be worked out, and what might change once Kris Dunn returns. Some other notable topics of discussion include poor three-point shooting against one of the leagues worst perimeter defense, forced shots by LaVine down the stretch, and Wendell Carter Jr.’s minutes/foul trouble.

Locked On Bulls has a discussion about reoccurring comments made by coach Fred Hoiberg and some players. LaVine had noted last night that the Bulls lacked energy, why has this continued to be the case? The guys discuss the Cavaliers and Mavericks game with lack of energy and why Portis/Dunn’s energy is clearly missing.

Other topics include The Ringer’s article on the creation of the Alan Parsons Project Bulls intro and what it meant to former players. Jordan brings up an elite class of players that Zach LaVine has joined this season. All of this and so much more on Locked On Bulls.

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Game Recap

Bulls squeeze past Cavaliers with Jabari Parker block



Zach LaVine drops 22 points, Jabari Parker makes game winning block - Locked On Bulls

Locked On Bulls is back from the weekend with a fresh episode, the guys kick off the show talking about the Bulls last-second win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. The guys start with the most notable change, Cameron Payne being removed from the rotation completely. Have we seen the last minutes of Cameron Payne in a Bulls uniform? The guys break down what the change looked like and whether or not it helped the Bulls win on Saturday. How did reserve point guard Shaq Harrison look Saturday night?

The Bulls continue to be destroyed on the boards but managed to make one less mistake against the Cavaliers in clutch time. The guys get into the final few possessions, Jabari Parker’s last-second block, and according to analytics, how Parker has actually been a solid defender in clutch time. So, is it about effort with Parker? The guys also make mention of Zach LaVine’s 360-degree dunk, some fun transition points in the first half, and how you blow a 16-point lead on a depleted Cavaliers team.

Locked On Bulls previews tonight’s matchup against the Dallas Mavericks. What are some keys to the game for the Chicago Bulls? The Bulls are 0-1 against the Mavericks this season. The guys discuss turnovers, Luka Doncic, Wendell Carter Jr. vs. DeAndre Jordan, and where are the secondary scorers at?

To wrap up, the guys discuss Jimmy Butler being traded to the Philadelphia 76er’s. How will that impact the Eastern Conference, will he sign long-term, and is it the end of Tom Thibodeau in Minnesota? All of this and so much more on Locked On Bulls.

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NBA Draft

Will the Chicago Bulls be in play for Duke’s Three Alphas?



Locked On Bulls is back with a fresh episode, the guys kick off the show previewing the Bulls matchup tonight against the New Orleans Pelicans. The guys discuss the main storylines include Nikola Mirotic’s first opportunity to play the Bulls since being traded. How will the Bulls be able to stop MVP candidate Anthony Davis tonight? The guys discuss the possibility of letting Robin Lopez back into the mix for the sake of not getting killed on the boards again tonight. Who will step up and help be the secondary scoring option alongside Zach LaVine?

Locked On Bulls gets their first taste of college basketball action last night with a majority of the top NBA prospects in action. The guys discuss at length Duke’s R.J. Barrett, Zion Williamson, and Cam Reddish as a potential top-end lottery talent. The guys discuss how each could fit with the Bulls and whether or not they will be bad enough to land one of Duke’s Three Alphas.

To wrap up the show, the guys talk about Boston Celtics point guard Terry Rozier is unhappy with playing time. Will he try and force a trade and will the Bulls pick up the phone? The guys give their short and sweet response. They also dive into a conversation about the Wizards blowing things up, unloading core pieces, and whether or not Otto Potter contract dump piques your interest. All of this and so much more on Locked On Bulls.

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