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Bulls surface level improvement is coupled with prehistoric offense

Chicago Bulls are showing some surface level improvements, but let’s not be fooled… The Bulls are historically bad on offense.



Bulls offense has become historically bad with slower pace - Locked On Bulls

Locked On Bulls is back with a fresh episode, the guys kick off the show reminiscing on the Bulls 2018 in its entirety. The ups and downs, the changes, and are the Bulls in a better position now than they were just a year ago? The guys discuss the Bulls surface level improvements since Jim Boylen has taken over but also caution fans to be realistic about these ‘improvements’.

The guys break down the Bulls win in Washington, how the Wizards depleted roster gave the Bulls everything they could handle. The guys highlight Wendell Carter Jr.’s impressive game, his ability to play more than 30-minutes for the first time under Boylen, and why Carter should continue to get 10 or more shots per game. The guys also highlight the effectiveness of Zach LaVine since his return from a sprained ankle.

The Bulls fell to the Toronto Raptors on Sunday night without Kyle Lowry, the guys explain what went wrong and some of the lineup choices Boylen has used. Why is Robin Lopez a focal point of the offense when he’s on the floor? The guys discuss the prehistoric offense that has set back some of the younger players. Will Boylen adapt to the NBA’s modern style or continue to push ‘grinding it out’ as an improvement?

To wrap up, Locked On Bulls discusses K.C. Johnson’s interview with Jabari Parker. The guys talk about Parker’s honesty with where he’s at, his disappointment with how things have gone in Chicago, who is to blame, his confusion on his role, and where he sees himself after the trade deadline. The guys talk about fault on both sides and a common theme among a lot of players who have not lived up to expectations of the front office. All of this and so much more on Locked On Bulls.

Jordan Maly is the host of Locked On Bulls, he's a native of Naperville, IL and graduated from Indiana University - Bloomington. Jordan has spent time covering the Indiana Pacers, Indiana Hoosiers basketball and football, and the Big Ten Conference as a credentialed writer. Jordan has been published in Bleacher Report, Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports, SB Nation, FanSided, and Yahoo Sports.

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Wendell Carter Jr.’s season is probably over with surgery recommended

Less than 24 hours ago, Carter was expected to play in Saturday’s matchup against the Miami Heat. Now, Carter will likely need surgery on his left thumb with a recovery time of 8-12 weeks.



Wendell Carter Jr.'s rookie season is likely over after surgery is needed to his left thumb - Locked On Bulls

Locked On Bulls is back with a fresh episode, the guys spend the first segment of the show talking about the last leg of the road trip from hell and the ninth consecutive loss in Denver. For the breaking news on Wendell Carter Jr.’s injury, fast forward to 48:52 mark. According to the Chicago Tribune, Wendell Carter Jr. is being recommended surgery on his left thumb he injured in Tuesday night’s game that would keep him out 8-12 weeks likely ending his season.

Locked On Bulls discusses how the Denver Nuggets coming into this game were at the top of the Western Conference as one of the best teams in all of basketball. Jim Boylen and his Bulls made little to no adjustments to their game and were blown out in the third quarter.

The guys discuss how Lauri Markkanen’s impressive first quarter was overshadowed by another embarrassing loss mixed little effort and awful game planning. The guys break down some advanced analytics during the Bulls nine-game losing streak and how this possibly could get worse.

The guys spend some time taking voicemails from Bulls fans to end the show, you can interact with Locked On Bulls at (331)-979-1369 or on Twitter @LockedOnBulls. First voicemail asks the guys about how the players need to start taking more accountability for their performances. The guys discuss how LaVine and Dunn have ghosted on this road trip, the inability to get to the free throw line, and the terrible offensive first quarters under Jim Boylen.

Second voicemail details a Bulls fan who no longer believing in Kris Dunn as the starting point guard of the future. The guys describe how Dunn’s play has lacked over during the road trip, since his return from injury, and why all of a sudden it seems like his mentality is to score first rather than to facilitate? Has he been worse for LaVine and Markkanen’s development or all of these guys just trying to do it themselves? The last voicemail asks the guys who the front office will choose if it comes down to Zach LaVine vs. Jim Boylen if their relationship continues to crumble.

The final 10-minutes of the show is dedicated to the breaking news of Wendell Carter Jr. potentially missing the rest of the season. How will this affect the Bulls on the floor and are the Bulls cursed? All of this and so much more on Locked On Bulls.

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Lauri Markkanen’s injury is still having an impact on his game

Markkanen suffered a grade three lateral elbow sprain back in late September that cost him the first 10 weeks of the season.



Lingering affects of elbow injury still impacting Lauri Markkanen - Locked On Bulls

Locked On Bulls is back with a fresh episode, the guys kick off the show with a quick preview of tonight’s final game of the Bulls west coast trip from hell in Denver. The Bulls have lost 11 games in a row to the Denver Nuggets on the road and are currently on an eight-game losing streak. The guys spend the majority of the episode dissecting an interview with Lauri Markkanen done by Yle Sports, a Finnish news outlet which goes talks at more length about his struggles this season.

The guys talk about Wendell Carter Jr.’s injury scare and have to make mention that this Bulls team seemingly cannot stay out of the headlines for more than a few days this season. The guys praise the good news that Carter’s thumb injury was not serious and his return is likely to be Saturday against the Miami Heat. Locked On Bulls also mentions that Carter was checked out for some soreness in his knee and was cleared on Thursday before shootaround.

Lauri Markkanen has played in 21 games this season since returning from injury which cost him all of training camp and the first 23 games of the season. Yle Sports caught up with Markkanen after the Bulls loss to the Lakers on Tuesday night to talk about his second season in the NBA. The guys discuss how this has been the first opportunity to hear Markkanen open up a little more about the struggles of returning since the injury, the impact of his injury, and the struggle overall of the Bulls.

Have Bulls fans and media been overlooking the impact of Lauri Markkanen’s injury? Locked On Bulls talks about the effects it can have on his game, the mental side, his unwillingness to be a selfish player, his quotes that emulate leadership, and his surprisingly good relationship off the court with Jim Boylen.

To wrap up, the guys discuss comments made by Zach LaVine postgame after the Bulls eighth loss in a row in Hollywood. LaVine was unable to be reached for comment by most, but the Chicago Sun-Times Joe Cowley was able to speak with LaVine on how he was feeling about the direction of year two with the Bulls. Are there warning signs of things to come this summer? How big of an impact is the remaining 38 games this season and what responsibility does LaVine have to the Bulls in taking that next step? All of this and so much more on Locked On Bulls.

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Bulls Mailbag: Lakers loss, Dennis Smith Jr., Carter All-Rookie honors…

Mailbag topics include trading for Dennis Smith Jr., will Wendell Carter Jr. be on the NBA All-Rookie Team, does win total matter for Jim Boylen’s job security, and the Lakers loss.



Would the Bulls be interested in Dennis Smith Jr.? - Locked On Bulls

Locked On Bulls is back with a fresh episode, the guys break down last night’s loss to the Los Angeles Lakers and the Bulls eighth loss in a row. The guys discuss how the first half of basketball might rank as the worst 24-minutes played by two teams all season.

The guys talk about Kris Dunn’s worst game of the season and how his individual statistics might be up across the board but his ability to stack up consistent games is lacking. The guys talk about the fanbases lack of trust Dunn going forward. The guys also talk about Boylen’s rotations, an awful night from Bobby Portis, and no tacos for Lakers fans. After putting together a pretty solid game in Utah on Saturday night, why didn’t Boylen play Wayne Selden until the last few minutes of the third-quarter?

Locked On Bulls spends the rest of the episode with their weekly segment of Bulls mailbag where they dive into their text and voicemail line to answer and discuss Bulls fans questions. The guys start with an oddly specific baseball reference to the Pirates and how some fans may feel like the Bulls operate like a small market team.

Are the guys interested in pursuing Dallas Mavericks second-year point guard Dennis Smith Jr. in a trade? Locked On Bulls discusses what it would cost, how he would pair with Zach LaVine in the backcourt and why it might not be that great of an idea. The guys have a Bulls fan text in who is looking at this team from a glass half empty approach, who should the Bulls be looking at if they fall out of the top-3 in the lottery, and is Wendell Carter Jr. going to make the All-NBA Rookie team at the end of the season? All of this and so much more on Locked On Bulls.

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